Welcome to the DuBois Concert Association!  

We are proud to host several musical performances each season at the DuBois Middle School.  We hope you'll join us by purchasing tickets to these see these wonderfully entertaining, hand picked musicians and performers.  It is our pleasure to make the DuBois area more musically rich and enjoyable for all ages.  Join us!

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Welcome to the DuBois Concert Association

Our musical association history can be traced back to 1911 when the founders created an organization dedicated to hosting three to four top quality musical performances per year to its members.  Today, the DuBois Concert Association continues this tradition.  Each year our Performance Committee meets to assess each potential performer, weighing the entertainment value and the expense of presenting the performance.  By joining the DACCA, our members enjoy three to four concerts each season.  Each performance takes place at the DuBois Middle School and you'll find the details of this years schedule to the left.  Our members also enjoy reciprocity with one other association, allowing our members to partake in concerts from the Mifflin-Juniata Concert Association in Lewistown, PA .  Also, many local restaurants generously offer a discount to DACCA members on the date of each concert.  

The DuBois Concert Association is managed by many local volunteers that strive to bring high quality entertainment performances to the DuBois Area.

Information on becoming a member can be found to the left of this page.  We welcome you and hope to see you at our  next great musical event!